Few Words About Us

Sweet Babbie Jay’s is named after our miracle son Jayshawn. Jayshawn, known as Babbie Jay, was born with Hydrocephalus and Frontal Encephalocele. Both conditions are rare independently but are unheard of compounded together. As a result, Babbie Jay has had to persevere through a host of medical conditions. Babbie Jay wasn’t expected to survive after birth, but he is now 4 years old! Jayshawn is truly a miracle. He continues to shine and amaze everyone with his smile and warm spirit.As Jayshawns family we want his life to be a legacy of love and comfort.

Sweet Babbie Jays customers will experience a comfortable and warm atmosphere, just like Babbie Jays presence. The Covid-19 Pandemic created even more worry. Babbie Jays immune system is more vulnerable to any virus, especially a virus that attacks the respiratory system. Jayshawn survived the Covid Pandemic as well. He continues to baffle doctors, family, and friends with his ability to withstand all that life has thrown his way. The food we serve nourishes the soul, but Jayshawns testimony nourishes the spirit. A percentage of each order placed goes in support of children uniquely born like him.

Jayshawns story will serve as a beacon of hope for every disabled child born into this world. This is why we serve chicken wing flavors from around the world. These recipes are top secret but will leave you wanting more. Every customer gets to experience different cultures from around the globe. The fries are awesome too! Sweet Babbie Jays is a mobile eatery located in the city of New Orleans, so expect it to pop up at some of your favorite spots. When you see Sweet Babbie Jays, stop by and experience the exotic flavors and lovely atmosphere.